Boys and Girls born in 2006-2010

Nebraska Select (girls) and Nebraska United (boys) are the select programs for our players as they reach the high school age groups.  At the Under 15 age and above our players have hopefully made the decision that soccer is one of the priority activities and as such place a high importance on commitment, focus and a great desire to develop to their highest potential.  Players are placed on teams based on age and ability.  Player movement (playing "up") based on ability is greater in these programs than at any other time.  Elite level teams are formed in order to play in State & Regional competitions as well as Showcase events for those players interested in playing at the collegiate level.   Our teams are trained and coached by our professional staff coaches. Elite level players from outside our community are encouraged and recruited to play in these programs to increase the development of our players and the visibility of our teams.

As the ONLY year-round competitive soccer program for high school-aged boys and girls west of Lincoln, Nebraska Select & United caters to a large number of players with a divergent set of ages and abilities.  We utilize an academy style of training and organization in order to provide the best level of competition for all of our players.  Players are placed on teams based on ability and age - and movement between teams is common, based on the needs of the program and the types of events and competitions in which we enter.  For our most talented players (regardless of age) we provide an elite level pathway that features the most competitive league, tournament, and showcase play.

Nebraska Select & United is a competitive soccer program and as such has one primary goal:  The continued development of all our players, both in training and in matches, against the most appropriate level of competition available. Not all of our players wish to play in college, but most desire to play for their respective high schools. Our goal is to help each of our athletes reach their potential as a person and as a player.

Playing time philosophy

It is important to be able to give all of our players quality time in our games and competitions in order to best maximize their development.  Every effort will be made to give each player a minimum of 50% playing time in each game played, BUT that is not a guarantee.  While player development is our number one goal, we do acknowledge that learning to be successful and achieving success on the field is an important part of a player’s development.  In events where there is a championship or final, our goal is to win that event. 

Fall 2024 Registration Fee - $150.